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Care and Growth One Day Executive Programme

This one day intensive, interactive workshop provides an inspiring overview of the Care and Growth model – a framework that has been used successfully in a variety of sectors from banking to agriculture – in over 26 countries and on 5 continents. Participants will leave the day with new paradigms for leadership that will provide them with a refreshing and empowering working relationship with others in the workplace that they can begin to use immediately.

For more information, call +27 11 867 0587.


2-Day Care and Growth Open Programmes   

This two-day introduction to Care and Growth serves to provide delegates with a thorough and practical insight into the core principles of the model.

Please note: This programme runs on a ‘demand’ basis, and a minimum of 12 delegates is required in order to run the programme.

If you interested in attending a 2-Day Care and Growth Open Programme, please indicate your interest by clicking the button below and completing a contact form.


 Custom Programmes

Begin your organisations journey to Excellence, by an exclusive programme for your Leadership Team. Choose from any of the open programs below, or describe your organisations needs and we’ll customise a programme specific to those needs.


Personal Excellence Programmes

The Personal Excellence Programme is a five day programme aimed at providing an opportunity for people to establish the existential gravity and maturity which is so essential in leading others. It is an examination of the key elements of personal excellence which are necessary for success both in terms of the leadership of people and personal fulfilment.