1-Day Care and Growth Executive Overview

Expired1-Day Care and Growth Executive Overview

  • November 23, 2016 - December 23, 2016
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm


David April
David has worked with Schuitema as an associate since 2000 as has found deep resonance with the core thematic that underlies the Leadership model. He has since then established an enduring relationship with Schuitema, becoming a sought after facilitator, trainer and consultant of its flagship leadership and coaching programmes in South Africa.


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The Context: What we refer to as “modern” management was established in the early years of the 20th Century and has remained unchanged for the last 100 years. Management as a technology has largely stopped evolving. It is time to reinvent management; to challenge the basic beliefs and assumptions on which “modern” management is based.

It was 20 years ago as a result of ground-breaking research into employee commitment, that Etsko Schuitema initially challenged some fundamental beliefs and assumptions on which “modern” management and leadership are based. These initial insights have evolved into a unique perspective, called the Care and Growth Leadership Model, which establishes the essence of what accounts for excellence in individuals, teams and organisations.

The purpose of the One Day Executive Overview is to provide senior management with an understanding of the fundamentals of the Care and Growth Leadership Model. During the day, delegates will be taken through the “4 Axioms” which prove to fundamentally challenge traditional management beliefs. The result is an astonishing alternative to current conventional wisdom.


Axiom 1 –

The Nature of the Relationship The very nature of the relationship between employer and employee as a trading relationship, as an exchange of X units of labour for Y Rands, is challenged. That labour can either be bought or sold is a fallacy. Also this is not an exchange between equals, because the employer has the right to ask employees to do things or to exercise power over them. The relationship between employer and employee therefore is not a buying and selling relationship but a relationship of power. The key issue in a relationship of power is not price but legitimacy.

Axiom 2 –

Requirement for legitimacy Conventional wisdom holds that managers have the right to demand delivery because they pay a wage and because they are the boss. In fact this right is earned on the basis of very specific criteria. Namely, that the boss cares for the subordinate sincerely and enables the very best in the subordinate to be realised. Care and Growth are the universal criteria of any legitimate relationship of power.

Axiom 3 –

Empowerment Growth or Empowerment has a very specific significance. It requires a willingness by leadership to entrust responsibility to people, ultimately to give up power or control. Empowerment in essence implies an incremental suspension of control in order to enable the subordinate. In this process there are three critical variables. The first two, the provision of means and ability, are the preconditions for the third, accountability.

Axiom 4 –

Maturity The product of the empowerment process is a mature person, someone who takes accountability and is held accountable for what they are entrusted with. The product of leadership is not a result but exceptional people. The process of leading others therefore is a process of enabling their maturity. Maturation is the process of the maturation of intent to give unconditionally, to serve. Giving is about being appropriate. It is about acting with generosity and courage.



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