Intent Blog


The horns of my seeing
extend from the corners of my eyes
to embrace the furthest horizon.
I am the young bull,
I rock the heavens with my gait
as I walk the hills
I embrace it all, keeping it close
like an infant to my milky breast.

It is all mine
I hold it all in my encompass,
the lantern moon hanging from the vault,
the awakening of the sun,
it’s stretching bright and setting sleep,
are stretched round by the bubble tent called me
enclosing the emptiness within which
the four corners of the wind roar from me to me
through the firmament, the clarity
where once there was my head.

Etsko Schuitema is a renowned business consultant who has authored numerous books including "Leadership: The Care and Growth Model" and "Intent: The Core of Being Human". He is the founder and leading partner of Schuitema, a business transformation consultancy operating worldwide. His business philosophy promises a progressive and sustainable approach to business that gives hope for a brighter and more harmonious future.