Armand Kruger

Armand Kruger



MA (Psych)

BA(HONS) (psychology) 1969 (UP) MA (psychology) 1972 (UP) Good News Junky (1981) NLP International Trainer 1989 Neuro-Semantics founder South Africa 2000 International LAB Profiling Consultant 2005 Strengths Profiler and Consultant 2009

Armand Kruger was born near the coast in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Grew up in the high days of the railroad community in South Africa. Trained as train driver, just for fun. He qualified as a clinical psychologist at the University of Pretoria in 1972. Since 1973 he has been working with one burning question: How do successful people do it differently? To answer that question he went outside of mainstream psychology to find cognitive process models that will capture the essence of success. His platform is being a good news junky: not only the difference, more importantly, what is the good news?

His NLP-career started in 1983 in America. He became an international trainer in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He has taught NLP in Austria, South Africa, Switzerland, USA and Zimbabwe. In 1989 he became the first internationally qualified NLP-trainer in South Africa. In the same year (1989) he trained the first group of South African, internationally recognized, NLP-practitioners. This initiative became his platform to describe the pattern and process of peak performers. He is qualified to do the complex alternative process of modeling/deconstruction of peak performers. The thinking was: if one person or group can do it, how does one transfer this to other people?

The very innovative work and thinking of Michael Hall, founder of Neuro-Semantics, inspired him further. He has been involved with Neuro-Semantics, and its founder Dr. Hall, since 1997. Armand is responsible for introducing Neuro-Semantics to South Africa in 2000.

Cognitive processes of experts run at a very high neurological speed, but reflect in their thinking, internal experience, and language and behaviors. Language being the one reliable external expression of internal processes, Armand qualified as an International Language-and-Behavior-profile consultant through the Success Strategies Institute of Shelle Rose Charvet in 1999.

Armand was trained with the Go MAD Research & Consulting Group (2005-2007) in the United Kingdom and is a certified GoMAD coach. He has done GoMAD coach training for the GoMAD Research & Consulting Group in partnership with the Northwest University, Vaal Triangle Campus.

He trained with African Mosaic and is a certified Strengthsfinder Coach.

To help clients with solutions to problems, typically one for which a number of other options have been tried without getting the outcome that they really wanted, Armand designed alternative solutions for the clients. His starting point is what does the experts, peak performers, successful people do consistently well and different? Below is a list of some of the modelling/deconstruction projects done in the process of designing solutions for his clients.

Since his specialty is modelling and duplicating Peak Performance, he works across a broad spectrum of industries. Acting primarily as a catalyst, he assists companies to capitalize on what they already know how to do successfully. Essentially, he works with the strengths, successes and outcomes of people and companies. The aim of his work is to commit companies/individuals to their own consistent success.

He has published in various national (Successful Salesmanship, People Productivity, Human Resources Journal, Management Today) magazines. Additionally, more than 15 articles have appeared in international magazines like Anchor Point and NLP World. Most of his articles can be read at

Armand has described the thinking strategies of a variety of excellent performers in their respective fields.

He trained with African Mosaic and is a certified Strengthsfinder Coach. When not doing research or practicing psychology, Armand is an avid reader and collector of books. He enjoys the world of rally racing and fast cars, training at the local gym, and the company of good friends.

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