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Enabling the Intent to


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We help teams understand what it takes to


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We aspire to enable our clients to


as human beings.

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We help leaders achieve the



of their people

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We help our clients achieve






in times of catastrophic change.

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We help to turn organisations into areas of




Over the past 25 years we at Schuitema have been working on how the issue of intent affects individuals and organizations, which among other things, has produced the Care and Growth Leadership Model and the Intent Personal Excellence Framework.


This work has matured to the point where we are now able to offer a fully integrated service that would enable an organization to establish a trustworthy brand and a culture that would enable the people in the organization to live the brand promise.


Since 1989 we have partnered with more than 200 clients in 27 Countries in industries as disparate as IT and agriculture.


What we doWho we are

What we do


People are significant on the basis of their contribution; the value that they add to others during their lifetime. Being here to give or to serve is therefore the core criterion which accounts for excellence in any individual.

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Organisations succeed to the degree to which they solicit the intent of the average employee to make a contribution. This only happens when employees work for people who Care and Grow them.

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Teams succeed only when the members of the Team collectively give more than what they take out. That is, when they subordinate their own interests for the bigger interests of the team.

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Care and Growth is a universal leadership thematic that is based on the premise that we exist to serve the other, and in doing so, we actually serve the highest of our own self-interest.


Diagnosing Against the Criteria of Excellence

Here at Schuitema we have developed instruments to assist client organisations and individuals to diagnose themselves against the criteria of excellence in the personal, team and leadership spheres.


Enabling You to Achieve Excellence

Schuitema enables its clients to achieve excellence in 3 areas – Team Excellence, Personal Excellence and Leadership Excellence.  In all three contexts, Schuitema helps individuals and groups to transform their intent through the shift of attention from taking to giving.

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Remediating / Implementation – Coaching & Consultation

Schuitema assists client organisations to establish effective operational teams throughout the enterprise which are focused on contribution and individuals in client organisations to further their personal maturation,  a coaching or mentoring service to them.

Schuitema also conducts interventions in client organisations and assists those in command positions to apply the Care and Growth approach to transforming the people side of the business.  Each implementation process is, by definition, unique to the client. 

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Mission & Vision

Our Client

The 21st century human being.

Their Wants & Needs

Security; Fulfilment; Power; Harmony in times of catastrophic change.

The Transformation We Bring

The shift of attention from taking to giving.

Our Benevolent Intent

To enable people to triumph as human beings.

Introduction to Our Thematic

Who we are

We are a transformational consultancy with a framework that is based on primary research done in the area of conflict and trust in management under the auspices of the South African Chamber of Mines Research Organisation in the 1980’s. These were very significant times to be doing primary research on conflict and trust in South Africa.

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years since 1989

The uniqueness of the framework that was developed, which has been referred to as the Care and Growth™ leadership model, lies in it’s capacity to deal with the issue of excellence at every level, from that of personal excellence to that of organisational excellence. This has enabled us to develop a set of universal themes that we have applied at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation.

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companies & counting

We have been consulting to individuals and organisations on the application of this framework since 1989. We have had the opportunity to test the framework in 27 countries on five continents in industries as disparate as agriculture and IT. Our work has vindicated the following two insights which we held when we left the Chamber of Mines to start this business:

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  1. It is possible to take a moribund business beset with industrial conflict & employee distrust and to turn it into a successful organisation that can count on the loyalty & commitment of its people.
  2. It is possible for people to rise above the alienation and victimhood that besets modern man to achieve authentic personal mastery.

Meet Our Team


Fakhir Shah

Partner (Pakistan)

David April

Human Excellence Consultant

Cilette Harris

Human Excellence Consultant

What Our Partners Say

    I came from an extremely aggressive work environment driven by aggressive management style which inevitably caused more chaos and high staff turnover than achieving any of the goals set out by the company. This also caused a lot of stress in my personal life as every day I arrived home being stressed out, burnt out and deeply unhappy with no light at the end of the tunnel. My future felt uncertain and I accepted it and adopted this style of management (to a point) as this had been the norm in the industry I was in.

    Since joining Tarsus and attending the Care and Growth programs, my management style has completely transformed. In fact, this has had a ripple effect and completely transformed how I approach people and issues in and outside of work. I am a happier person, my staff are happier, I achieve more, I get more out of my staff and this dark cloud hanging over my career has simply disappeared.

    I believe so much in using this approach that I could almost imagine the world transforming if every business or person had to take part in this program. Are there courses one could take to further their study in the Schuitema program and how quickly can I get my staff into this program? I share as much as I can with my staff in the style that I coach my team but I feel we could achieve so much more by get more people into this program.

    So thank you for affording us the opportunity to take part in this program it really has been life changing. David is a phenomenal human being and find it a privilege to have him coach us in our one on one session.

    So thanks again! I have thoroughly enjoyed my Schuitema session.

    Illona Shaw, Tbay and Field Services Manager, Tarsus Technology Group

  • 36e5542

    Rob Munro, Principal Consultant, The Growth Engine

  • dr_francis
    I worked through the Schuitema thematic with both coaches and their management teams. Although they initially experienced it as counter intuitive, the workshop helped them understand the importance of the coach's focus. If the focus is on the results, the players feel exploited, and if the players experience the coach's intent as being interested in them as people and their wellbeing (Care) and also to empower them to become the best cricketers in the world (Growth), they will be totally committed and the results will follow. Which has just been proven by the success of the Proteas against Australia.

    Dr. Francois Hugo, Psychologist for the Proteas, South African Cricket Team

  • Asif-Misbah
    The Care and Growth model has such strong principles at its foundation that any individual or organization that sincerely commits to applying the processes is bound to experience a profound transformation. Going through the workshop was a humbling experience - I could have never imagined that so many of my management and leadership paradigms were so inadequate.

    Asif Misbah, Director, Macter International

  • tariq ahmed
    Care & Growth model has really been a great success at Paramount Distributors. Primarily, we have started thinking on all our issues and our people know the process. 90 days accountability shall also enhance the performance, employees have stopped griping as they used to do in the past although that this effect needs to be trickled down to the workers. Management has also started looking at employees as humans rather than means to get some job done. Transformation into a more productive, energetic, systematic, ethical organization is in process.

    Muhammad Tariq Ahmed, Director, Paramount Distributors

  • scooters
    One of my staff recently won the Pizza Olympics and I can proudly say that the other staff are just as good as the one who received gold. I had very little staff turnover, and my success with the staff using your guidelines has given me the winning edge, your program works not only in the corporate environment but also in a pizza shop!

    Theuns Botha, Scooters Pizza

  • nationalbrands
    I have been looking for an empowerment tool for years and at last have found it.

    Gerhard Kinnear, Operations Manager, National Brands Ltd

  • Director_MRosen
    I would like to thank you for your input, direction and your CARE AND GROWTH model introduced at the Vuselela Conference in Zimbabwe. My view is that Vuselela is about a philosophy and culture and the reincarnation of a spirit that you helped us set free.

    Martin Rosen, Director, Pick 'n Pay

  • david-harding
    The Schuitema approach has captured the essential ingredient missing from South Africa in the apartheid era when mediocrity was accepted as inevitable in an African setting.

    David Harding, Chairman, REGEN

  • photo
    The Leadership principles associated with the CARE AND GROWTH of subordinates and teams is the critical success factor in achieving world class performance. This enrolment and empowering model creates an environment of sustained trust, loyalty and willingness as opposed to an environment of grudging compliance. This can be directly linked to superior and sustained business performance.

    Testing the hypothesis in the UK, Sweden and Denmark, University of Cambridge

  • franke-128x90
    The CARE AND GROWTH Leadership program addresses the core issue of enabling maximum employee contribution. Unlike many "consulting programs", the Schuitema system addresses fundamental aspects of the human condition and our endeavours. I am a fan of the Schuitema Leadership program and would recommend it to anyone who is genuinely interested in growing people and delivering results.

    Ross Duffy, Managing Director, Franke (China) Kitchen Systems Co. Ltd

  • DuluxDir
    This approach enabled Dulux leadership to rally subordinates and create a healthy, growing and market-driven company.

    Prejay Lalla, Sales Director, Dulux Decorative

  • duncan_blackburn
    It is the human key to productivity improvement. It is inspirational and humbling.

    Duncan Blackburn, CEO, Dow Southern Africa

  • frie
    Schuitema was instrumental in changing the leadership style of the Port Elizabeth plant. The CARE AND GROWTH philosophy has been incorporated into our way of life and two years after Schuitema concluded their involvement with us the philosophy is alive and well and accepted by all levels of management. This cannot be said of any other previous interventions.

    Trevor George, Manufacturing Director, Bridgestone Firestone SA

  • graham2
    A lot of leadership stuff doing the rounds is considered soft by industrialists. It has to do with cultural change and does not show measurable results. Schuitema’s methods show results which are measurable in terms of safety, productivity and higher standards. A lot of initiatives work but only while they are being applied. There is no lasting change. The Schuitema initiative has proved not only to be sustainable but also capable of growth.

    Graham Edwards (Dr), Chief Executive, AECI Limited

  • CEO
    Schuitema concepts are very powerful, as embodied in the Personal Excellence framework and these assimilate beautifully with my cultural values and beliefs. I experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking about my role as a leader.

    Adnan Siddiqui, CEO, Askari Investment Management

  • cargo
    I have applied Care and Growth and it has really worked for me. My people are more motivated than in 20 years and I don’t have what is a traditional problem in this business of retention. My CSI is the best in the country across all the Mercedes Benz dealerships.

    Brand Services Manager, Cargo Motors

  • ben_jenkinson
    Johnson Matthey Catalysts has had a 7 year (and ongoing) working relationship with Schuitema Associates which has transformed Leadership in JMC. The bottom line is that we have better managers now than we did and the majority of them are the same people. But not only that, it is they who have made this a stronger and more profitable business which has a long term sustainable future.

    Ben Jenkinson, HR Director, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

  • horst
    The biggest beneficiaries of this intervention are the operators at the shop floor, as their line supervisors and managers not only develop strong service cultures, but mature in their intent and behaviour towards those they have been appointed to lead. The simplicity and fundamental truths underpinning the learning make this a popular organizational intervention, as the principles hold true for both the working and the personal lives of every human being. I can therefore strongly recommend its use as a tool for effecting sustainable change in the culture and performance of mining operations.

    Horst Jäger, General Manager, Nkomati Mine

  • graham2
    The intervention was a huge success and the “hard” parameters as well as the “soft” improved immensely. The most profound change in the organisation was the development of courage and generosity in the people. These are the key elements of “Intent” that underpin the Care and Growth model and what made a huge difference to the culture of AEL.

    Graham Edwards (Dr), Chief Executive, AECI Limited

  • exco_portraits_David_Bruce_Harding
    Harding saw the need for a central theme, or ‘golden thread’ as he terms it, which would run through the transformation process and provide a focus and common vision. ‘Making change endemic in AEL’ is his transformation goal. Harding found this golden thread in a leadership model developed by Schuitema Associates. Harding recognised the model’s potential as the ‘golden thread’ he was looking for and Schuitema became involved in implementing the model.

    David Harding, Executive Operations Manager, AEL Mining Services

  • chris walker square
    The model in itself in fascinating in that it gives a simple language that everyone from an operator to an MD can understand and engage with. I can't think of any other leadership model that I have engaged with that speaks to all manner of men - “it's not consultant speak” - it gets to the heart of what being a human is all about. Most of the models I remember confused the trainers, let alone the people who were supposed to live and breathe the stuff afterward.

    Chris Walker, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

  • JM logo
    A programme of change in work style and behaviour has transformed the Johnson Matthey site at Panki, India. A workplace that was once characterised by a strong sense of 'them' and 'us' – the worker / management divide – has now become home to a strong team ethic and commitment to excellence. Productivity at work has increased, hand in hand with a greater emphasis on employee and community wellbeing. This remarkable paradigm shift has earned Panki the 2008/09 Sustainability Award for People.

    Tarun Ghoshal, General Manager, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

We aspire to enable people to triumph as human beings.

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